User manuals


Select the type of device for which you want to download the manual below. On the page for AED or AED Trainer manuals you will find a clear list of all brands so that you can quickly download the manual you are looking for. In addition to the user manuals, you will also find the technical specifications for some products. Can't find the manual you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us via or call us on 088-233 6000.

Manuals for AEDs

In the AED manuals you will find how to replace the battery and the electrodes of your AED. Often you will also find instructions for how the AED should be operated. In some manuals there is also a description of the buttons on the AED.


Manuals for AED Trainers

In addition to a description of all the buttons, you will often find a description of how to change the training scenario of the AED Trainer during CPR training in the AED Trainer manuals.